My Trumpet, My Passion

I was on the stage and the lights were bright. I was waiting for the conductor to cue us and I was nervous. It was my first gala and people had paid a lot of money to see us. But I was also excited because I got to play in front of people with other people. You should learn how to play an instrument because you can surprise yourself with the things that you will be able to do. Playing an instrument can be very good because it can make you more creative and eager to learn. I’m passionate about playing an instrument because it gives me a little confidence and playing with other people makes feel proud that I play an instrument because I can be part of a group and we all together can make a beautiful sound. I benefit from my passion because it helps me learn better and I can learn new things about music that I never knew before. My life has been enhanced because I’m learning a new skill that can take me far in my life. Playing an instrument has helped me have a lot of opportunities outside of school because I have played in a lot of events like galas and things like that. It was usually with a group of people but the fact that I got the opportunity to participate in it made feel proud to play an instrument. I’ve been playing the trumpet since 7th grade and I am now in 10th grade. At first, when I started I didn’t want to play an instrument. I thought it was stupid and I thought that I wasn’t gonna like it. My mom put me in this music program called The People’s Music School. It’s the only non-profit music program in the nation. Since I’ve been in this program I’ve played in many concerts and performances. A memory that I’m very fond is when I performed in a gala for the Cubs with a select group of people. I was proud of that gala because we rehearsed for weeks on one song to play for like 3 minutes. Yeah that doesn’t make it seem like it was worth it if we only played for a short period of time but sometimes the little things that you do in life make up the bigger things. After we performed I knew that playing was so worth it. The audience was clapping and smiling for us, and at that moment I knew that I loved playing the trumpet.

Kayla Venson