You Have To Play Sports. SIMPLE.

Adonis, even though you think you are not talented enough to play sports, I think you should still try as I personally believe sports is the greatest idea, creation, activity ever created. Sports, I and many others feel is a must for maintaining sanity throughout your life whether you play sports, watch sports, or analyze sports.

Sports showcase the most tremendous activities in the world and not only that but the feelings you would gain and/or release when playing sports. If you played a sport, you would see where I am coming from. You would experience how sports gave me the feelings that bring the exceptional features out of myself and release those bad vibes I got from everyday life and turns them into the most wonderful feeling of all but one that can’t be described, even when I lose, there’s a hurt that comes with it but it comes as a result of the passion I have towards sports.

Sports is without question the most significant series of activities known to humankind. Not only because of the competitive yet loving atmosphere it brings out, but the feelings you gain and the animosity and struggles sports allow you to release. Also even enjoying sports from you’re nice home in Iowa. I can help you believe in yourself and try to convince you to play sports because sports are fantastic.

Tristian Sellers