Hot Dog = Sandwich 2.0

A sandwich is the classic lunch that you take to school. So wouldn’t bringing a hotdog as your sandwich be the same? A sandwich is two individual slices of bread with meat and other condiments in between, but a hotdog is a bun with a  sausage in the middle and condiments on top. Both sandwiches and hotdogs are so similar. They both have condiments, meat, and bread. So why are they defined as two different things when they are actually the same ?

I am going to prove that a sandwich and a hotdog are both the same. The original sandwich ever conceived was in the 1st century by a man named Hillel the Elder, a famous rabbi. He conjoined a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, spices, and wine between two matzohs to eat with bitter herbs. It took a large part in the idea of sandwiches. Now it is believed that the first hotdog was a ‘dachshund sausage’, sold by a German man in New York around 1860 from his food cart. Later, in 1870 another German named Charles Feltman had a food stand and sold over 3,600 frankfurters(a hot dog) in a bun.

This information shows  that the idea of making a sandwich came way before the idea of putting a sausage between bread. This proves that a hotdog is a sandwich because who would think to put a sausage in a bun without the thought of how you can  make a sandwich.

Joshlynn Lyons