Save The Boundary Waters

The Boundary Waters is a wondrous place on earth located in Minnesota, but it is endangered right now. For years the boundary water has been protected by the law. But recently a group of copper miners were allowed to mine in the boundary waters. This could be potentially dangerous for the boundary water because they could pollute the waters and the air.

I have gone to the boundary waters a total of 6 times in my lifetime. I have experienced this beautiful place for my self. Before you can even enter the boundary waters you need to pay a tax and learn the rules. Leave no trace. Only camp in designated campsites. And lastly only start fires in the grills. These are the basic rules that are told to us so we can protect the boundary waters. Humans have done a good job at this but not all the time.

A couple years ago there was a human-caused wildfire started in the boundary waters. A lot of the forest was burned down and according to the law we couldn’t do anything to stop the fire because aircraft need to fly a specific level above the boundary waters In order to protect it. Eventually rain stopped the fire. In a recent trip I got to see the real damage done and the after effect. There were saplings growing from the ground. They were a little over 4 feet.

We have protected the boundary waters for a long time and now it is in danger. The boundary waters are rich in copper. These miners will come in with their machines and can potentially pollute the air and water. This is not safe for the animals and the environment. If the water gets polluted we would need filters to drink it whereas now we can drink straight from the lakes. 

There are many ways to protect the boundary water. If we raise awareness people will show concern and the government will not allow the miners to mine in the boundary waters.

Oscar Aguirre