No, a hot dog is NOT a Sandwich!

By Danny Buino

Is a hotdog a sandwich? No, a hotdog is not a sandwich, there I said it. A hotdog is a hotdog. Because of this they call it a hotdog not a sandwich. Yes u have all the components like meat in two pieces of bread. Think about this, have you ever asked for a sandwich and gotten a hotdog? Ever looked on the menu and saw sandwiches and underneath it says hotdogs. No there is another place on the menu for the hotdogs. Think about it like this, froyo has all of the components for ice cream but yet there are multiple different shops for the two. This goes to show even though a hotdog is made of the same things they are different. You can be a try hard and try to argue with me but I know for a fact you cannot look me in the eyes and honestly tell me that you think a hotdog is a sandwich. If you say a hotdog is a sandwich you are looking for a fight, it’s like wearing a Packers jersey to a Bears bar on Sunday when the Packers play Monday night. If you where to argue with somebody about this they would have some good points but in the end deep down they know they are wrong.