How to make a braid!

First you take your own or someone else´s hair to braid on. Then you want to take a small or large section of the hair depending on what size you want the braid to be. Next comb it out so that it is smooth. Then you separate that section into three equal sized-pieces. Next put the piece furthest to the left between your index finger and your thumb on your left hand. After that take the middle piece between the index and thumb of your right hand. Then take the last piece furthest to the right and let it rest between your middle and index finger. Next bring the piece that is being held in your left hand under all the other pieces and up to the right index and thumb hold. Grab the piece that you released with your left hand. Then you want to rotate your right hand up to get the piece in the index and middle finger to the left hand index and thumb hold. Next grab the free piece with your index and middle finger hold. Finally, repeat these steps until you reach the end of the hair. Add a rubber band or scrunchy if needed to hold the braid together. Return to step one if you desire to create another braid.

Dashauna Sturdivant


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