My Addiction To Baseball

I love baseball, ever since I can remember my brother has convinced me to be a Cubs fan. I love watching the games and being a fan of the greatest baseball team ever. Ever since I’ve been old enough to pay attention, my father a lousy Sox fan has been taking  me to games. This brought the love of the game to my heart. In second grade I started playing, ever since then I’ve been consumed by the game. Spending most of time thinking about baseball sure has its cons though, as I try to focus I often think about things like “who are the cubs playing?” or imagining myself in a stadium filled with thousands of fans watching me smash baseballs all over the stadium.

Ever since I started playing the passion of the game took over my life  I started to only think talk about and focus on baseball. It started to cut into my school life so I needed to find a way to balance both at this time I started coming to a new school called Lindblom, this helped me because they have this system called colloquium. This is a day in the middle of the week where all we do is play baseball. This was how I learned to balance my life and baseball. This helped me keep balance with baseball but still gave me all the time I wanted to play. In this class I got to play with all of my friends and it takes the stress away from school throughout the week.

Baseball helped me take the stress away from school but then once I couldn’t balance playing and studying anymore it gave me a way to work hard and be able to make time for school too. Colloquium gives me time to study and to work on my skills in baseball. this opportunity gives me more time outside of school to hangout with my friends and work.

Michael Reyes