Should P.E.D. users be allowed into the Hall Of Fame?

A great debate in baseball history is whether or not P.E.D. should be allowed into the hall of fame. I believe that  P.E.D. users should not be allowed in the hall of fame because they cheated and used them to help better themselves. They disrespected the integrity of the sport and should not be allowed into the Hall Of Fame as a good role model of the sport. Being admitted in the hall of fame is a great accomplishment and should be awarded to people who were great on the field, respected the sport, and played fairly.

Mike Trout is a great example of a hall of fame player. He is without a doubt the best player in the league right now, maybe even the best of all time, and he has never used performance enhancing drugs. He loves the game he plays and plays it with pride.

Some of the greatest players to ever be in the MLB have used P.E.D.’s, such as Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez. They show that they have what it takes to be in the hall of fame with the skills they have, but they lack the respect for the game.

Juan Alvarez