I Am a Writer Running to First!

As Doctor Francis said in class one day, “Every writer begins as a reader.” Some of the books that make me want to write are Percy Jackson, Lost Hero, and Bodega Dreams. My favorite topic for reading is probably Greek Mythology. It has a lot of mysterious characters with crazy powers. Although I don’t tend to write in my free time yet, I do enjoy writing some pieces for school.

For one class I wrote an argument that students should be allowed to have phones in school. And one novel I wrote about was To Kill a Mockingbird, where I explored the character of the lawyer, Atticus Finch.

The kind of writing I would most like to do in the future, though, is creative writing–rhymes, for instance, as good as Gang Starr’s: “Nobody is invincible/No plan is foolproof/We all must meet/Our moment of truth.” When that day comes, I will be expressing myself through my writing. When you read it you’ll be able to tell if I’m sad or happy, mad or at peace. And once I’ve reached first, I’ll be headed to second!

Ramiro Hernandez