Who is My Special Person?

Talking about your special person to other people could get pretty boring. But I am going to do it anyway because I can write a lot about it. The special person I am going to talk about is my dad. The thing that my dad does to deserve this recognition is he gets himself involved in what interests me. Recently he put a lot of money into buying me things to help me improve  on my baseball skills. He spent about $200 on baseball gear. And as annoying as it is, he drags and nags me to go downstairs and work out with him in the gym. Whenever I’m sitting on the couch he tells me to come downstairs and I usually say no. But then he goes downstairs anyway. And that gets me to go down there because it makes me feel like if I don’t go down I won’t be getting better. “If you’re not spending time getting better then your wasting time getting worse.” This is a saying that my dad always tells me. He gets me to be better at baseball because he believes in me  getting better. What I am saying is he puts a lot of time into helping me get better. 

My dad knows that I want to take my baseball playing as far as I can go. Leading through high school baseball to the next level, which is college ball. So my dad helps me stay playing and  getting better. He pushes me to get off the couch and push myself to get better. My dad recently signed me up for a website called NCSA. It’s a site where you can add your profile to allow coaches from all around to see your skills  and see if they want to recruit you. He signed me up for a profile and he signed me up for “showcases” where you can show off to coaches in person to show them what you’ve got. He gets me involved in activities that will get me better and get me recognized by coaches to help my future in baseball. He puts a lot of time and work into getting my baseball skills solid. 

He got me to love the game by being my coach from the very beginning. He was my coach way back when I was in T-Ball. Then as I got older he coached me in the next level of rookie ball. And he still coaches me in my teen ball team for summer ball. After each practice at Lake view he asks me what we practiced. He asks because he cares. He uses the things I tell him to practice with me later. He tells me stories about when he played baseball. He tells me that I have already taken  baseball farther than he did.. He uses baseball to get me better and to get us both off the couch–he drives me to be the best. He buys things that help me with my baseball playing that my mom does not want him to buy. I am so grateful for him because he gets me to push myself to get better. He gets me to work hard every day and works on getting me to the next stage of playing baseball.