You’ve Got To Do This! (Neurology)

The thing I’m most passionate about is neurology or any study on the human brain. I know very little about the functions and all the basic information about the human brain. There are many sub-sections of neurology that I haven’t decided exactly where I would like to go. But I do think I would like to stay clear of brain surgery and mainly focus on research.  

My interest arose when last year was when I really gained interest in the brain when I studied Alzheimer’s. I talked about the genetic differences and variations of the amyloid plaque precursor protein that causes Alzheimer’s. It was definitely an interesting experience and great in an educational sense.

This year I did a similar project titled phosphoproteomics of influenza A. I jumped from the topic of Alzheimer’s to the Flu but used the same data analysis procedure from the last project. Even though this wasn’t a brain focused project, it still followed the same scientific research principal. Both projects only fuel my interest and focus on research for neurology in my future scientific career.

Anjelo Evans