Jackie Robinson’s Words Can Still Guide Us

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and went on to fight for equality and justice beyond the field.  His nine values can guide us all to live well and make a difference in the world. Here is what his values mean to me:

Courage:  Means to take on challenges no matter what negative comes from it. To speak up when something is bothering me or when I don’t understand an assignment and ask for help. Taking the risk of doing something even if it means failure. 

Determination:  In my life I am determined to work hard on achieving my goals. There is always a new challenge or obstacle that will come but I will be determined to keep working hard. To be the best you have to be determined to get there. 

Teamwork:  Unfortunately, this year was not a good year since baseball season was canceled  I wanted to work so much on my baseball team this year. My HS team was disappointed when we were dropped to level 3 in baseball, but we were going to work hard as a team to make the best of it. I realize if you don’t work as a team, the team won’t be successful. Working as a team makes it easier to win, get along, and most of all, respect each other and have fun. 

Persistence: Being persistent is something that is hard to do but manageable. I try my best to be persistent with myself by working hard whether it be in the class or on the field. I make sure to work out and follow my daily routine to make myself stronger, and better, and to get my work done on time so to not be behind. 

Integrity:  I always believe in doing the best for myself and trusting God that everything will be fine regardless of anyone who tries to tell me differently. 

Citizenship: I will always try to motivate my peers and kids in my community to do better no matter how crazy it gets. It is important to me to have people be engaged in more positive things, whether it is playing baseball, basketball or volunteering for things. 

Justice: I grew up in an environment that was full of different people of color, race, and wealth. I believe in treating everyone with respect and not judging anyone by appearance. 

Commitment:  I am committed to work hard every day and good things will happen. 

Excellence: I will do the best I can all the time. There is no shortcut to excellence, you have to work hard every day to achieve it. 

Frankie Morales