Have fun and become a legend!

First of all, League of Legends isn’t the easiest or most forgiving game out there. When you start, you will question why you’re getting punished for doing literally anything. This game is very technical and you need to know the fundamentals to even consider being a decent player.

In this game, there are over 100 legends to choose from and they’re all split up into 4 different roles, Top Lane, Mid Lane, Support, Carriers, and a Jungler. The top Lane legends are tanks or bruisers that can take a lot of damage and dish it back out. These legends typically have close range or melee weapons and are mostly vulnerable to junglers due to their slow movement.

Mid Lane legends, or APC (Ability Power Carry) don’t rely on any teammates due to their high damage output from their abilities. However, Junglers can ambush them from both sides of the lane.

Support legends are just as you think: legends that support their team by either strengthening, healing, and protecting their teammates. These legends usually lack in overall attack power so if they’re caught off guard and alone then they’re as good as dead.

Carriers or bottom lane legends, also known as ADC (Attack Power Carry) are known for their insane damage output with their normal attacks and usually thrive late game with the goal of killing as much as possible. These champions are rather weak early on, so keeping them on their toes will help win the battle.

And finally, the Junglers. These legends almost always know where everyone is on the map, or at least are supposed to, and get their levels from killing the monsters within the jungle, or the gray area between lanes. This is said to be one of the harder roles because you have to know when to help out your teammates in their lane and when to kill certain monsters for exp or even a stat buff for your team.

When I started playing League, I’d always choose Riven because she looked cool…no other reason needed. My first 30 games I would get utterly eviscerated. Around this time I’d think to myself, “What am I doing wrong?” or “What can I do to get better?” I consider myself pretty competitive, so I did a bit of research on the game, watched a couple videos, and even expanded my list of played characters. Around this time was when I learned the importance of everything on the map, each lane, and even the monsters in the jungle. However, even with this information, my skills against other players weren’t the best. So I decided to choose one of the roles who rarely has to engage in fights, but at the same time can pick and choose when to fight or regroup. I began to play this character: Kayn (once again, because he looked cool). He’s much harder to play than Riven because he is a jungler/assassin which means he has low health but high kill potential when the enemy is lower than 40% health.

League is a great game to play with friends. If you enjoy the company or love to hear them rage when you make one mistake this is the game for you. As a beginner to this game, my time playing has been pretty rough early on and continues to be difficult due to the ever-expanding skill gap. All I know and truly care about, however, is having fun and enjoying my time on this game and with my friends.

Alfred King