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How To Hit A Baseball In Practice To Eventually…Make Millions*

*Assuming the player has prior experience of playing baseball and has hitting equipment.

Have you ever wanted to hit baseball and have loved the game of baseball so much that you have decided that you wanted to play professionally. Well, here’s the steps that you can take in practice to give you better odds. 

  1. Step one: You will need to make sure you have all your hitting equipment set up including the tee. If not, you will not be able to hit.
  1. Step Two: You will need to get in an athletic batting stance and have your knees bent before you start to swing. If you are not in an athletic stance, hitting will be harder for you to maintain your balance. Also, having an athletic stance can help you use your whole body while hitting causing you to hit the ball harder.
  1. You will need to remain relaxed and calm before trying to hit the ball because if not you will lose focus and not hit the ball. If you are not calm and relaxed your muscles will tense up causing you to be stiff and not be able to move your body as fast causing you to lose power and not hit as well.
  1. Make sure when holding the bat you are holding it at the handle part and with an even grip having your knuckles aligned. Also don’t hold the bat too tight where you are choking the bat. Choking the bat tight will also result in you being stiff and making hitting the ball a much harder task than it already is.
  1. While ready to hit the baseball make sure you are looking at the ball on the tee. Making sure you have your eyes on the ball is the most important thing because if you can’t see the ball you won’t hit it.
  1. Take a small step towards the ball while keeping your eyes on the ball while pushing your hands back. Taking a small step helps with timing and helps you get in a good launch position.
  1. Now while keeping your eyes on the ball use your hips to rotate towards the ball while now also turning your shoulders. Rotating towards the ball is essential to add power behind your swing and allow you to hit the ball much further.
  1. Still keeping your eyes on the ball, follow all the throws with your swing so you can generate as much power behind your swing as you can.  Following through with your swing prevents rolling over and it helps you keep direction with your swing. 

Using these steps will not only make you more relaxed when you hit but these steps also will prepare you for when you go against actual pitchers and it will make your hitting experience much easier. You won’t be as stiff, you will remain calmer and relaxed, and lastly, it will help you provide more power behind your swings.

Xavier Miner, Lindblom Math & Science Academy

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