Hardest Season

When they first told us we would be out for only two weeks we thought nothing of it. March 13th, 2020. We all thought everything would go back to normal and we could carry on, especially us athletes. But when IHSA delayed the season I knew something was going bad. We were all hoping to just get a taste of the sport we loved to play, even if it was for a second. All of us school players were all devastated when they canceled our season.

During this time it made me think about how much I hate corona. It took away my experience to see high school sports games and also my experience to represent my school in baseball. But this was no time for me and everyone else to keep on hating what was going on. For me, I thought about how this was a time to get better both physically and especially mentally. Not being able to see friends and go to school took a blow on my mental health and left me with nothing to do. For many kids just like me, it probably did the same thing.

After the first two months travel baseball started, but it came with precautions. We all had to be safe and follow the CDC guidelines but who cared, we were all playing what we had fun doing.

After reflecting on what happened I’m somewhat thankful for the disease that everyone hated. It really gave me a sense of who and where I am at. It helped me be a better person and to never take things for granted. Yes this was probably the worst thing that has happened in a while but we can’t hate it forever, sometimes bad things happen so more good things can come out.   

Gustavo Padilla, Lindblom Math & Science Academy

Cubs RBI Scholars Class of 2024

Photo Credit: Christopher Campbell on Unsplash