Always and forever

Dear Kayla,  

My best friend, my whole heart in human form. The person I trust with all my secrets because I know you are not going to tell nobody else and the same for me. I just love how we have so much fun together, and I love how your family treats me like I’m a part of the family. Do you remember when we did 8th grade online? At that time you were the only friend I had and the only person I FaceTimed every day even though we had the same class. We used to talk about what we were excited about in high school, and we would always say meeting new people and getting more friends. To tell you the truth I was scared as hell about meeting new people and going to high school. We went to freshman connections and you had made all these friends, and I only made one friend by myself. But somehow your friends became our friends. They would always ask how we met each other and we said we met in kindergarten.

I know high school has been a challenging time for our relationship. We had one too many big arguments, but we always apologized to each other and tried to fix our mistakes. What I have realized is that we are two different people with two different personalities and two different lives, but what makes us Kayla and Kiara is that we come together and share our differences and live life together.

I know I don’t come to you first when I’m in a crisis and when something exciting happens to me, but trust me, you are always the first person I want to tell. Besides my mother, you are the only one who actually knows about my relationship with my father, but everyone else only knows the surfaces or the little pieces I tell them. But you know the whole story. The only person that knows I HATE reading out loud in front of the class. The only person who knows when I’m feeling uncomfortable in a room with other people or when someone is pissing me off and when I’m about to go off.

I love how you can just make me laugh so hard that I start crying. Do you remember that time in 6th grade when we got kicked out of the class for laughing too much? Afterward, we went to sit in the office and the custodian gave us a snack. Or do you remember that time we were waiting for your mom after a game and it was pitch black outside and we were just cracking up and I started crying?  

You are the greatest, most sensitive person I know. You have taught me how to show love to others and how to stand up for myself.  You are beautiful inside and out, which makes me love you even more because you also care about other people. You have a big heart but not bigger than mine because you are a little mean!  You are always looking out for me, and for that, I really do appreciate you. Hopefully, we get to do all the things we talk about doing together and have a beautiful life together. Love you always and forever.