My neighborhood Connection (PROMPT)

Under the bill of the Cubs “Wrigleyville” City Connect cap are written the names of all 77 Chicago neighborhoods — from Albany Park to Woodlawn. This line of alternate City Connect uniforms created by Nike for MLB has been making heads turn since being launched during the 2021 season. 

Making a fashion statement is one thing, but as part of the City Connect initiative the Cubs will also be holding events highlighting local organizations and youth programs across Chicago this baseball season. Their goal is to showcase the diversity of the city and shine a light on the positive work being done by great organizations in all parts of town.

As part of this effort, we want to hear what you have to say about the neighborhood you live in, so we’ve created a new writing prompt:

What is great about the place you call home? Tell us about your neighborhood and how it has shaped you. Also, let us know what you think it means to be a good member of a community.

Audience and Purpose:

Your audience includes anyone interested in learning about your part of the city and what you see as the role of a good community member. Your readers want to hear why your neighborhood is so great and how you think it could be even better. Your readers may or may not live in your city, and you should definitely not assume they know anything about your neighborhood. They might even hold some misconceptions that you may have to address. Before starting to write, think about your audience and what questions they might have about your neighborhood.


Brainstorm ideas that will be compelling and appropriate. Use these questions to start generating ideas: Where is your neighborhood located? What is its history? What are the places you like to visit? Who are the people living there? What type of food, music, or arts are popular? Seriously, why is this place so special? What do readers need to know in order to really appreciate that? Finally, what can all of us do to make our communities vibrant and show respect for the places we and others call home?


Consider what would be the most effective tone for your piece and get started writing. Stay aware of the time someone will likely take to read your piece and pick the most relevant and interesting content to include.


Read the piece aloud and listen for places that might need clarification. Read your piece to a few willing listeners who don’t live in your neighborhood to see how they respond. Do they have questions? Can they visualize your neighborhood? Do they understand what being a good community member involves? Add, remove or change any details based on this process.

Edit and Polish 

Take your time in going over the piece one last time, correcting any spelling or grammar mistakes you find along the way. Take as much pride with this blog as you have for your neighborhood and you’ll feel great when people from your community or others read the piece.