Climbing into new adventures 

Indoor rock climbing is something I really enjoy doing. It’s a fun challenge trying to figure out different ways to climb the walls and determine which one to take. Rock climbing has helped me grow physically and mentally, as I use all of my strength and it pushes me to never give up. Rock climbing has also introduced me to new friends and a great community where everyone encourages one another. 

Indoor rock climbing isn’t just an activity, it can be a lifestyle, something I can do daily or weekly that challenges me to overcome hardships. When I’m on the rock wall, I’m focused on thinking about how I can succeed. The adrenaline I get makes rock climbing more fun, making me want to do it over and over again. 

Rock climbing is for all ages and skill levels. There are a lot of different types of rock walls that beginners and professionals can find enjoyable and challenging. Every gym has different types of walls with different difficulty levels. These levels are often color coded or numbered, helping climbers identify what they’re capable of. Difficulty ratings ranging from 5.0 to 5.7 are considered the easiest, while those from 5.10 and above are considered difficult. Anything in between is typically considered intermediate. 

There are a lot of different types of rock climbing. Auto belaying is a common type of rock climbing which is managed by a device that controls the rope’s tension. Another type of rock climbing is belaying which involves someone guiding the climber by controlling the rope’s tension manually. While auto belaying and belaying require ropes and harnesses, bouldering does not. Because bouldering involves shorter 10 to 16 foot walls while regular walls used for belaying and auto belaying can range from 30 to 60 feet, bouldering has crash pads to land on instead of a harness to hold you in place. All of these styles of rock climbing are really fun because even when you fail you still can experience a fun descent on the way down.

Indoor rock climbing challenges anyone who wants to try. It has improved my life physically and mentally, and it can do the same for others. If you are someone who wants to face new fun challenges that push you past your limits, you should try indoor rock climbing. 

Nathan Wong, Lane Tech College Prep, Class of 2027

Photo by: Rahadiansyah on Unsplash